You Were Meant For Me


Thirty-five-year-old Miranda Berenzweig is not an impulsive person. She’s been at her editorial job at Domestic Goddess for eight years, she has plenty of great friends, and even though she just broke up with her boyfriend, her life is back on track.  Having a baby isn’t even on her radar until the day she discovers an abandoned newborn in a Brooklyn subway station. Rushing the little one to the closest police station, Miranda hopes and prays that the newborn will be all right and that a loving family will take her. But Miranda can’t seem to get the baby off her mind—and she keeps coming up with excuses to go check on her, until finally a family court judge asks if she’d like to be the foster parent, and maybe even adopt her.  To her own surprise, Miranda jumps on the chance. But nothing could have prepared her for the ecstasy of new mother love—or the heartbreak she faces when the baby’s biological father surfaces, wanting to claim his child.

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“With a deft, sure touch, Yona Zeldis McDonough explores the ways families are formed and how love can take you by surprise. An absorbing and soul-stirring novel.”
— Christina Baker Kline, #1 NYT bestselling author of Orphan Train

“Intriguing, beautifully told and keeps you guessing right to the last pages.”
– Sue Margolis, author of Best Supporting Role

“What a ride, what a read!  A brilliantly original story told with charm and wit, compelling characters, and a fervent belief in the power of love.  Another engrossing page turner from an author who warms your heart even as she’s breaking it.”
– Toby Devens, author of Barefoot Beach

“A delicious confection of a novel, offering just the right mix of spicy mishaps and sweet romance as a mother and daughter united by accident become bound by love. McDonough weaves her heartfelt story with a deft touch, and delivers such quirky, endearing characters that you’ll wish they lived in your own neighborhood, so you could watch them make their dreams come true with patience, strength, and a good dose of humor.”
– Holly Robinson, author of The Wishing Hill and Beach Plum Island

 “A heartfelt, perfectly paced, and deeply satisfying story that explores the beauty and tenacity of love in all its forms.”
–Susan Meissner, author of A Fall of Marigolds

“Abounding with warmth and charm, You Were Meant for Me, is a profoundly moving novel which explores the intensity of love and the fallout of heartbreak. It will capture your attention from the very first page and never let go.”
–Emily Liebert, author of When We Fall

Review from Library Journal:
Miranda is a thirty-something career woman who lives in Brooklyn and likes to hang out with her three besties in New York City, a bit like the Miranda of Sex and the City, even though that Miranda only moved to Brooklyn as part of a couple and under duress while this Miranda thinks Brooklyn is the place to be. The Miranda of this story also becomes a single mother by accident, but instead of giving birth, she finds the baby at a subway station. Before stumbling upon her child, she had arranged to meet a man who contacted her through a dating site. Her luck continues as he turns out to be a sweetheart and falls for her and her new charge. But when the baby’s father, a sexy Blair Underwood type to whom Miranda is instantly attracted, comes forward, she stands to lose everything she never knew she wanted.  McDonough’s well-written characters and fascinating plot twists will appeal to book groups and fans of women’s fiction, while the similarities that evoke Sex and the City will draw in who miss that show.

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