Two of a Kind

Ten years after losing her husband, Christina Connelly has worked through the pain, focusing on raising her teenage daughter and managing her small decorating business. But her romantic life has never recovered. Still, it’s irksome to be set up with arrogant, if handsome, OB/GYN Andy Stern at her friend’s wedding. If he wasn’t also a potential client, needing his Upper East Side apartment redesigned, she would write him off.

This is never going to work, Andy thinks. Still grieving his wife and struggling with a troubled son, he’s not looking for a woman, and certainly not someone as frosty and reserved as Christina. Their relationship will be strictly business. Yet to everyone’s surprise–including their own–these two find themselves falling in love.

But if reconciling with their pasts is difficult, blending their lives and children to create a new family is nearly impossible. They’ve been given a second chance…but can they overcome all the obstacles in the way of happily ever after?

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Praise for TWO OF A KIND
“Yona Zeldis McDonough is at her best with Two of a Kind, a sumptuous romantic feast of missed opportunities on the road to true love. Whether you take this to the beach or curl up with it on a rainy day, this hilarious and heartwarming story will give you hours of reading pleasure.”
—Adriana Trigiani, author of The Shoemaker’s Wife

“A beautiful and heartfelt novel, Two of a Kind tells of the unexpected love that blossoms between a most unlikely duo. With an exquisite eye for detail, McDonough pulls you into her characters’ world and keeps you rooting for them until the final page. If you’ve ever longed for a second—or third—chance, this book’s for you.”
—Camille Noe Pagán, author of The Art of Forgetting.
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“Tightly and beautifully plotted, with such winning characters. A compelling and moving novel.”
–Gregory Murphy, author of Incognito

“A deeply touching and romantic exploration of the joys and complications of falling in love the second time around. Christina and Andy’s journey to navigate the waters of new love and blended families always rings true: you’ll root for McDonough’s winning characters from the very start.”
– Erika Marks, author of The Guest House

“With grace, sensitivity and humor, but pulling no punches, Two of a Kind explores the trickiest of relationships—both romantic and parental—immersing readers in the lives of four people over the course of a year. In deft and captivating prose, these characters quickly become as real as your neighbors, your friends, your family, as they finally face losses they’ve tried to forget, learn to live in the present, and ultimately face their futures together with the greatest healer of all: love.”
– Sharon Short, author of My One Square Inch of Alaska

“McDonough takes readers on an intriguing ride throughout the New York area—Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island—as she deftly brews a novel like a perfect cappuccino, with the ideal balance of substance and lip-smacking froth.”
– Sally Koslow, author of The Widow Waltz

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